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Winery Spotlight: Our Top 3 Wineries to Visit in Ellijay, GA

Image of a woman outside and toasting a friend with a glass of wine, representing a blog on the best Ellijay wineries.

When people think of wine tours, they typically think of California’s beautiful wine region. Did you know, though, that the state of Georgia has 120 wineries and counting? At Wine Tours by Design, we love taking our tour groups to various wine regions across North Georgia, and one of our favorite regions to visit is Ellijay, GA. Here are three Ellijay wineries that have captured our hearts!


Buckley Vineyards


Buckley Vineyards is a personal favorite of our founder, Orson Hall. This vineyard is known for their exceptional customer service, generous pours of wine, and incredible winery tour offering. As part of Buckley Vineyards’ winery tour, the owner takes guests to their processing facility, shows them the instruments they use, what and how they measure, and then guests receive an exclusive barrel tasting. Additionally, the owner is extremely hospitable and kindly answers all questions that wine tour guests have about the winery and the processing of their wine.


Every Wine Tours by Design client has loved this VIP tour of Buckley Vineyards! Our guests have also enjoyed Buckley Vineyards’ wine tastings, where generous pours of wine are served. If you’re looking for an all-around spectacular winery to tour, you do not want to miss out on Buckley Vineyards!


Chateau Meichtry


Chateau Meichtry is a family owned and operated winery and vineyard. This is one of our favorite Ellijay wineries to visit simply due to the scenery and atmosphere. The surrounding rolling hills provide a perfect location for growing quality wine grapes, and Chateau Meichtry offers indoor and outdoor wine tasting experiences so that guests can enjoy the beautiful tasting room interior as well as the gorgeous outdoor landscape.


During the weekend, Chateau Meichtry offers public and private wine tours as well as private wine pairings and tasting sessions. They provide excellent customer service and ambiance that really makes the wine tour experience enjoyable for our guests. Additionally, we cannot say enough about this winery’s signature food truck and live music events. These offerings provide an invitingly casual approach to enjoying all that Chateau Meichtry has to offer.


Engelheim Vineyards


Engelheim means "Angel Home" in German, and Engelheim Vineyards harvested their first grapes in 2011. This vineyard produces some of the best wine we’ve tasted in the Ellijay region, and our wine tour clients love the wide variety of wines that they offer. Each of the four wine varieties that the winery serves are 100% Ellijay Estate Grown, and they are all very tasty!


Another unique feature of this vineyard is the informative and interesting wine tour given by owner, Gary Engel. It is one of the best and most affordable tours, priced at just $10. Our wine tour clients always enjoy the tour, wine, and experience that Engelheim Vineyards provides.


Let’s Explore Ellijay, GA Wineries Together


At Wine Tours by Design, we proudly offer private wine tours to these three wineries as well as other enjoyable wineries in Ellijay, GA. Our wine tour groups thoroughly enjoy traveling to Ellijay for its wonderful locally produced wine, incredible outdoor views, and hospitable vineyard staff.


Although Wine Tours by Design frequently takes tour groups to Ellijay wineries, we also curate custom tour experiences for groups looking to travel to other North Georgia wine regions. Ready to book an amazing North Georgia wine tour? Contact us!


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