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Get to Know Your Wine Tour Guide

A Founder With a Passion for Wine Education and Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Orson saying hello with wine in hand!

I’m the founder and owner of Wine Tours by Design & Wine Parties by Design, and I’m the lead tour guide and host for all our wine tours and private tasting events.


I always tell people that I do not consider myself to be a wine connoisseur but rather a wine enthusiast. I have traveled to many wine regions, and I attended college about 45 minutes away from the famous Napa Valley wine country. This became quite convenient for me when I turned 21 in my junior year!


My journey with wine tours did not begin right out of college, though. My post-college career was actually as an IT manager and then a certified project manager, but after a while, I wanted to pursue a path closer to my passions. And that’s how Wine Parties by Design & Wine Tours by Design came to be!

My company is based in North Atlanta, and I frequently lead private tours of North Georgia’s beautiful wine country. I also organize week-long tours for groups looking to explore West Coast wine regions in California, Oregon, and Washington.


I also have a special place in my heart for creating custom wine events for special occasions, and I enjoy hosting wine education classes, too. These classes are always fun for me to host because I get to teach people practical, approachable information on how to transport, store and get the most flavor out of any bottle of wine. I also love to expand their appreciation of wine and enrich their palates.


It’s a lot of fun for me to connect with others by sharing my knowledge and passion for wine. And every tour and event that I host is full of incredible wine, delicious meals, many laughs, and the best of company. As I see it, wine has the power to bring people together. Wine is more than just a beverage… it’s an adventure!


I’m Orson.

Wine Tours by Design travels to vineyards in North Georgia, California, Oregon, and other surrounding regions on the East and West coasts. We take our guests to the best vineyards in the U.S. and help them create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wine Parties by Design offers wine selection consulting for every occasion, be it birthdays, corporate gatherings, ladies nights, and more! Let us help you select wines that all of your party guests will be raving about.

beautiful vineyard on rolling hill

Orson Quote

“Hold the glass by the stem and let the wine breathe.”

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