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North Georgia Wine Tours

Experience the Flavors of North Georgia Wineries

Believe it or not, North Georgia has a thriving and varied wine industry –making it possible for people to sample an array of completely different wine types while staying close to home.


Whether you prefer crisp whites, bold reds, roses, or sparkling wines, North Georgia has award-winning vineyards that align with your preferences and palates.   


North Georgia wineries are also known for their sweet wines. This has become a customer favorite on every North Georgia wine tour we’ve led.

With breathtaking landscapes, picturesque rolling hills, lush vineyards, charming towns, and local restaurants, a North Georgia Wine Tour is an unforgettable way for groups or couples to experience (and support) the local wineries without venturing too far from home. 

Looking for a Wine Tour in North Georgia and Close to Home?

North Georgia Wine Tours Are Ideal for

Special Birthdays & Milestones

Reunions & Group Gatherings

Bachelor & Bachelorette parties

Holidays & Family Gatherings

Wedding Parties & Special Events

Baby Showers & Gender Reveal Parties

Weekend & Romantic Getaways

​Wine Tour & Tasting for Beginners

Wine Tour & Tasting for Beginners

Duration: 1 day

Time: 9am – 7pm

This wine tour is designed to turn beginners into enthusiasts. Packed with information about the North Georgia wine region and wine tasting and selection techniques, this wine tour package includes:

Three vineyard stops that offer tastings of red, white, dry, and sweet wine varietals and blends. 

Visits to exceptional eateries and local attractions.

Private wine guide for wine industry knowledge sharing.

Each tour is customized to your preferences. All coordination of vineyards and reservations will be handled by our team to ensure you have a seamless experience. 

​Wine Enthusiast Tour & Tasting

Wine Enthusiast Tour & Tasting

Duration: 1 day (more days available)

Time: 9am – 7pm

This wine tour is designed to go beyond traditional wine tastings. Our tour takes you behind the scenes in the winemaking process. More specifically, our winery tour discusses:

The history behind winemaking and the modern processes of grape sorting, crushing, fermenting, and aging. 

Wine bottles, oak barrels, blending techniques, and hidden factors that influence a wine’s flavor profile.

Local fare with food and wine pairing.

This tour will share insights from wine educators to help all participants expand their knowledge base while supporting local wineries. This tour is available for groups and couples.

Bachelor & Bachelorette

Duration: 1 day

Time: 9am – 7pm

Kick off your wedding celebration with an elegant Bachelor or Bachelorette retreat to the beautiful North Georgia wine region. Surrounded by the best of company, peaceful scenery, and incredible wine, this tour is designed to celebrate love and life! To make your Bachelor or Bachelorette party special, we will:

Arrange private vineyard tours for your party.

Host wine education and tasting tip seminars that bring your group together.

Coordinate logistics so you can enjoy celebrating with friends and family.

Each Bachelor & Bachelorette tour retreat is designed to fit the schedule and budget of the event organizer.

Minimum 4 people.

Wine Tasting Event

Custom Wine Tour & Tasting Events

Duration: Up to You!

Time: Up to You!

Wine tours have a special way of engaging friends, family, and coworkers like few activities can. We are ready to coordinate a wine tour and tasting that supplements your activities to help you create an unforgettable event for all involved. While working with you we will: 

Meet with you one-on-one to understand your event expectations.

Recommend wineries and all other aspects of your tour. 

Coordinate all logistics so you can focus on spending quality time with friends, family, and colleagues.

Each custom wine event is designed to fit the preferences and schedule of the event organizer.

North Georgia Wine Tour Packages

North Georgia Wine Tours in Action

Some of our Favorite North Georgia Wineries

North Georgia Winery Wolf Mountain Vineyards
North Georgia Winery Cavender Creek Vineyard and winery
North Georgia Winery Yonah Mountain Vineyards
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