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OMG!! Where do I start?? Orson out did himself...from the Best of the Best wineries to the finest restaurants! Wonderful travel companions as well! Thank you Orson and Dave!!!

-Lisa B, 2014 California Wine Experience Tour


What a spectacular trip! Orson & Dave put together a jam-packed itinerary full of all kinds of different wineries, wonderful & unique restaurants, and great site seeing adventures that kept the week exciting and interesting. It certainly made my first- time visit to this area one that I'll always remember. For anyone that didn't go, you should seriously consider going the next time it's offered. Bravo to our organizers!

-Lisa N, 2014 California Wine Experience Tour


What a fabulous trip! The wineries and experiences were unforgettable! Thanks to our fearless tour leaders, we were able to personally blend our own wines, see firsthand how cheese is made, tour beautiful vineyards and hear the vineyards history directly from the owners. The restaurants were top notch and beautifully complemented the local wines.

-Kathy M, 2014 California Wine Experience Tour


...If we were looking for the perfect Napa/Sonoma experience, Orson and Dave hit the mark! We dined at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the Valley, (Dry Creek Kitchen just featured in a recent Wine Spectator article to mention one). We met vintners, toured a cave and had personal guides at each location. Great experience with great participants. Thanks again!

-Kristin H, 2014 California Wine Experience Tour


Top Notch! One of the best trips I've ever taken, First Class all the way! Best wineries, best restaurants, and fun group. Great vacation, thanks Orson!

-Dawn B, 2014 California Wine Experience Tour


"We had an amazing time. Everyone else had an amazing time. I will definitely do this again in the future and I will recommend you to everyone I know. I wasn't sure what to expect and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I can't thank you and your staff enough. You guys put on a fantastic evening. Thanks ever so much again."

-Kelly and Andy, Wine and Cheese Pairing Party


"What a Great Time! Everyone was blown away. I want say thanks to you and your staff for such a great job."

-Earl, Wine and Cheese Pairing Party


"Orson did such a great job at the wine tasting....the best wine tasting I have ever been to! Even Denny (my husband), the beer drinker, enjoyed all the wines. Cheers!"

-Lynne, Wine Tastings


"This was the best party!! I not only learned a lot, but I met a lot of new nice people. Orson, what a wonderful job at decorating and organizing you did! This was a very impressive party which was very well planned, decorated, and had great food and wine, excellent educational materials and a fun bunch of people. I couldn't ask for anything more!!"



"What an incredible event. Well organized, very informative, creative and fun. Exceeded all expectations. Orson did a wonderful job making sure everyone felt welcome and had a great time. The homemade crème brûlée was pretty incredible too!"

-Angela H.


"Kudos to Orson and all who helped put together this event. Orson is very knowledgeable and was a great host. The attention to detail and the wonderful people made it a great night."



"This was the best Wine Tasting event yet, in my opinion! I've been to other great and memorable wine events, but Orson outdid them all! He was a perfect host, his passion for wine REALLY showed, and this was an absolutely perfect pairing of wine education and fun. Excellent idea to set up wine stations - gave us all a chance to mingle. And I want that crème brûlée recipe! Thanks to Orson and to his outstanding assistants!"

-Julia P.


"Orson provided a most incredible and comprehensive wine tasting event! The wine tasting format was fun and educational; the food was great ... all in a very well organized and fun environment! Great wine tasting event!!"



"This wine tasting was very nicely done. In fact, it surpassed my expectations. I learned a lot about the wines and enjoyed all the cheeses, crackers and homemade appetizers. Orson was an awesome host!"

-Laurie H.


"Orson went above and beyond with varieties of wine, food and creativity."



"The food and the wine were all outstanding! From the first sip of champagne to last drop of the wine, everything was amazingly orchestrated. No wonder Orson is a professional!"

-Sherry G.


"Fantastic wine party, extremely well organized, wonderful group of people to spend a few hours with while trying a diverse variety of wines. Orson is an amazing host and his selection of cheeses he generously supplied were all excellent. Thank you, Orson, for making us feel so welcome and for putting on such a fun and educational event!"



"Wow! One of the very best wine tastings (or parties) that I've ever been to. It was

pretty awesome."

-Stephen N.


"Orson made a great presentation about aerators, decanters and various other wine enhancement devices, many of which I didn't even know existed."

-Bob B.


"What an incredible display! Orson spoke about the different types of aerators and let the guests test them on wines that they provided."

-Katherine M.


"I learned so much and had a great time. Thank you for bringing so much knowledge with you and opening our eyes to new wines. The cheeses were very good. Really, last night was Awesome!! The door prizes were exceptional."

-Melba D.


"Thank you for such a pleasant, enjoyable and informative evening. We enjoyed all the different wines and cheeses but truly enjoyed the presentation. It was a treat. The crème brûlée was delicious and capped off a wonderful evening."

-Marti L.


"Orson! You guys rock. Thank you so much for such wonderful party; my guests and I had a fantastic time. Can't wait to do it again!"



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